Self Portrait, 2019

Self Portrait, 2019

Dezirae Bradley

Visionary. Free Spirit. In Focus.


Dezirae Bradley is a visionary artist best known for her lifestyle portraits of families during their most precious and joyous celebrations. Capturing memories that last a lifetime. Dezirae's obsession with photography began at an early age, her grandfather Mitchael Bradley was a well known portrait photographer in Brooklyn, NY. Film rolls and chemical developers was apart of her life before she even began walking. 

It was only natural for Dezirae to follow in her late grandfathers footsteps and take a liking to photography. She was gifted her first camera at her JHS graduation and has been on a visual journey ever since. Dezirae is more than just a photographer, she is a visual story teller that admires that bond families share, she likes to reciprocate that in a snapshot for families to cherish forever. 

In recent months, Dezirae has been exploring video production. Some of her work includes testimonials, commercials, podcasts and vlogs. There is no limit to her creativity.

A Brooklyn NY native, Dezirae enjoys using NYC as her backdrop. She is also available to travel to various locations for her clients needs.

Her work has been featured on, Beats by Dre and The Huffington Post.